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Long Way Home

Long Way HomeBrian McAfee, twenty eight, former staff sergeant in the New York National Guard, a veteran of two tours of duty in Iraq, sits in a lawn chair behind his house drinking Bourbon.

He and his wife Barbara argue viciously over his not having “gotten over the war.” Brian knows at that moment it is time to take his own life to end his pain, and set his family free.

Brian drives to Speculator. He will visit a fallen comrade’s grave before he kills himself. Barbara finds a note that Brian left. Instantly, she knows what he is about to do, and where he is going. She gets in her car and speeds after him.

What follows is a tale of supernatural intervention redeeming the soul of a combat veteran.

From the Shadows

From the Shadows 800 CoverOrphaned fifteen year old Tucker Pierce and his grandparents camp for the night deep in an old growth forest. They camp across the river from a marijuana farm concealed in the woods. The drug dealers decide they must kill the intruders to protect the marijuana farm.

Tucker escapes into the woods where he runs off a cliff and is knocked unconscious. The next day, Tucker is hunted by the killers. He is saved by the intercession of a strange man who scares off the killers.

Now begins Tucker’s struggle to overcome the death of his family, to determine whether this recluse living deep in the woods is a friend or foe, and whether Tucker will survive the encounter. Just as Tucker has embarked on this terrifying journey, so too has the stranger he has encountered begun his own journey.

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